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Niners Niners Niners Niners Niners. Me chanting to our website at work cause its a boring ass day, it's raining and just horrible outside. good day... Show more

Family what's going on with everybody. Charlie my dude, how did those shirts come out. I need mine ASAP.

Time to rock RED, Black, and Gold

Charlie this is Dennis' and Marcs' email addresses, and Marcs is

Trying to get some more email addresses to add people to our website.

Charles Murphy Yeah email me the names of more core members and i'll add them in to the database. Then from there we can have them create a profile. 1 year ago
Alfonso Joel Vega created a new group 1 year ago

Our Core Members

Our core members and family that make an effort to come out an enjoy each others company. Those that have been around since day 1.

What do you guys think of that officer getting just manslaughter charges against that man. Usually manslaughter means you killed someone by accident... Show more

Charles Murphy It's a start. 1 year ago
Alfonso Joel Vega shared 4 photos in the TNJNE album 1 year ago

Photos are being loaded.

This websites is probably the most beautiful thing I've seen in a while. Thank you to our awesome Vice President Mr. Charlie Murphy and would also... Show more

Jaconda Kearse shared a photo. 1 year ago

I love it!!! Go Niners!!!